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Welcome to Chikore High School

Chikore is a High school located in Chipinge district which is in Manicaland province in Zimbabwe. Chikore (High School) is one of the top best secondary schools in Chipinge district, Manicaland province, Zimbabwe. The school is officially registered by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE).

Chikore High School in pictures

Chikore School is a christian school-based, value-oriented seat of learning. It is a mission school catering for boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years in Forms I to UVI, both day-scholars and boarders. The school is a nurturing, protective and compassionate institution superbly geared to deliver an international education programme at the highest competitive levels of competency 

School Mission

Our mission as Chikore High school is to facilitate the provisionof quality relevant and inclusive secondary education, sports, arts and culture by using modern ICT tools and engaging qualified, competent and efficient staff to produce autonomous middle class graduands.

Christian Services


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Heather N Wilkins Manager

Chikore high is one of the best mission school.

Mr Tapiwa Manager

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