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Schools Arts and Science Science Festival started at provincial level this year and the young Chikore High School computer scientists came up with an innovative programme which helps retail shops to manage activities using ICT tools and even teachers are helped to time their lessons via a programme which reminds them of an end of a lesson.
Tariro Dhlakama and Tinotenda Komichi came tops in the Manicaland Provincial Sports, Science and Arts Festival. They had a programme which gives the management team access to information on what items are slowly getting out of stock.
Tinotenda Komichi, said: “There were 22 teams and we were shocked that we won because there was stiff competition.”
The other student, Tariro Dhlakama said she enjoys the Sciences and would like to be a mechatronics engineer of she does well next year in her Advanced Level exams.
“We are doing Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science and it is our wish to pursue our dreams. Our eyes have been opened and we want to be employers rather than wait to be employed,” she said
Chikore High School made Manicaland proud when the national finals were held in Gweru recently.
Stella Mudiwa, the school head said it was pleasing that girls were taking up the Sciences.
“We have seen a paradigm shift in recent years with girls gradually taking up the Sciences and doing very well in them and we can only pray to the almighty to bless these girls who have made the school, district and province proud,” she said.
Education 5.0 emphasizes on helping the learner utilize her capacity and leverage on her skills set.

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