About C.H.S

Chikore High School 

Box 170 Chipinge, Manicaland


Welcome to Chikore High School

Chikore high is a biblically based Christian high school, which seeks to grorify God through all that we do. Chikore is a High School level institution in Chipinge District, Manicaland Province, in Zimbabwe.The school is officially registered in Chipinge by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education MoPSE, under the department of Primary, Secondary, And Non-Formal Education. 

We believe in producing a well-rounded individual who can make sound biblically based decisions in all aspects of life. We believe in developing our students in four aspects, which are academic, spiritually, physically and culturally in line with our purpose vision and values. Our staff are highly qualified and dedicated to the calling. We are grateful to God for his faithfulness in the provision of a magnificent campus with fantastic facilities.

School Vision

To be the leading provider of quality, relevant and inclusive secondary education in Southern Africa by 2030.

School Mission

To facilitate the provision of quality, relevant and inclusive secondary education, sports, arts and culture by using modern ICT tools and engaging qualified, competent and efficients staff to produce autonomous middle class graduands.

Principles & Values

The ministry of primary and secondary education cherishes the following principles. 

  • Life long education.
  • Equity & fairness
  • Gender Sensitivity
  • Respect (Ubuntu)
  • Responsiveness
  • Balance.
  • Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Emphathy
  • Entreprenuership.
  • Team Building.
  • Appreciation.

Ministry Mission

To provide equitable, quality, inclusive, relevant and competative driven infant, junior, secondary and non formal education. 

Ministry Vision

To be the leading provider of inclusive 21st century inclusive quality edication for socio-economic transformation.

Meet Our Awesome Team

From teachers to school support staff, we are all here to help your child as they learn and grow. We believe that by working as a team and placing value on each and every member of staff, it allows us to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. The people, above all else are central in making Gateway a special place for students

The Head Mrs S Mudiwa

On behalf of the learners, staff and administrators, I am elated to welcome you to our school website. We are exceptionally proud of our mission school and the accomplishment of our learners. Chikore High School has a strong reputation for academic and sporting success . We believe that the vital elements to our achievements are the love of God and learning within a school environment where learners feel cared for, supported, respected and safe.

We always strive for academic excellence and provide a thrilling and enriching curriculum for all our learners. We help every child fulfil his/her potential and we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness , gifts and talents. Every learner is precious to us and it is a priviledge to play a part in their development. We aim to provide them with the skills which will equip them to lead a rewarding and happy life.

We hope that by visiting our gallery of pictures you can gain a flavour what our school has to offer. To arrange a visit call us on +263778341172

Mrs S Mudiwa (School Head)

Gopito P

Deputy Headmaster

Maposa C

Senior Master

Mudhaya P

Senior Master

Dube A

Dean of Boys

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